DIG at IGRM 2023

The 66th Irish Geological Research Meeting took place at the Ulster Museum in Belfast from 3rd – 5th March 2023. There were a range of great talks and posters spanning all elements of geological research taking place in Ireland including presentations on peat bog coverage, seismicity in Ireland and mineral deposits.

Emma Chambers presented on behalf of DIG updated temperature maps for all of Ireland. She showed improvements in the maps with temperatures in the model more accurately reflecting direct borehole temperature measurements. This work has built on many years of geothermal projects in Ireland, without which the model couldn’t have been made. We hope to publish these updated temperature maps in the coming months.

Thanks to all the organisers and funders of the event. It was a great success and we had fun presenting. Looking forward to next year!

IGRM program page taken from GSNI tweets