Fieldwork Autumn 2020

Having joined the DIG project in August 2020, I immediately got the opportunity to gather data from seismic stations around Ireland. This involved travelling to sites all around Ireland from Malin’s head, Donegal, to Cork and Waterford. Each location is in a secured area with a seismic instrument, recording device and power. My colleagues and I checked the instrument was in good working order and downloaded available data from the stations. Back at base, this dataset was quality controlled, preprocessed and incorporated with data from previous service runs. It is now being used to investigate the velocity structure beneath Ireland as part of the DIG project. All fieldwork was carried out following strict coronavirus procedures. Below are some photos from the trip.

Servicing a site at Roches Point. Setup in the meteorological centre the equipment stays dry and we have access to power. Great site setup and the view wasn’t bad either!
Servicing another station in Sligo. The orange cover provides insulation for the seismometer and below that is a further casing. This reduces noise s we can record a cleaner signal.
View from one of the seismic sites in Sligo of Ben Bulben.